Seth Kaminsky





Seth Kaminsky is an alternative pop singer-songwriter/looping artist who will stop at nothing to build a career with his original music. Originally from the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia he currently resides in Sacramento, California where he continues to hone his ability as songwriter and performer. 


As an independent artist, Seth creates from a personal place but strives to share his music in a way that is unique, encouraging, relatable, and entertaining. 


Outside of performing and writing his original songs, you can often find Seth playing background music at various breweries, wineries, and miscellaneous events. Teaching private drum lessons. Continuing to spread his name via YouTube and other social media platforms. Drinking lots of coffee. And hanging out/going on adventures with his wife, Sierra. 


Seth is an extremely passionate and driven individual, determined to see his music go places. He just released the "Work in Progress" EP and will be going on tour this summer.







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